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Glass Cleaning

How to clean table-glass carefully

HOW TO CLEAN A GLASS TABLE: 5 SIMPLE WAYS How to clean a glass coffee table is one of the easiest household jobs. Glass is definitely one of the simplest to maintain materials — not only because it is resistant to moisture and is quite hard to get scratched, but...

How to use glass cleaning tools

Cleaning Tools & Accessories Ever wonder how professionals achieve such a great shine on windows and glass surfaces? It's not a trade secret but depends very much on the quality of tools and accessories used. These types of equipment not only give brilliant results but help you to clean windows...

How to Clean the Oven Glass the Easiest Way

How to Clean Oven Glass Regardless of whether you're cooking lasagna or a goulash, stove splatters occur. This can cause your broiler glass to gather nourishment develop after some time. By doing routine clean oven glass, evacuating overwhelming recoloring and performing routine upkeep, you can keep your broiler glass putting...


We clean your home from top to bottom and nothing is overlooked. We pride ourselves in offering consistently high standards of professional home cleaning services in Dubai.


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