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Living room cleaning

How to Clean Floor Smoothly

Traditional damp mopping remains the best way to clean many types of flooring. While Swiffer-type pads combined with sweeping are great for daily cleanup of dust and light soil, only a good, thorough weekly damp mopping with a proper cleaning solution can really provide the deep-down cleaning a floor needs.

Damp-mopping is by far the best method for cleaning vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl tile, and ceramic or porcelain tile. However, it is not a good idea to use water on any type of wood floor or on laminate, cork, bamboo, or any other type of flooring where the manufacturer discourages contact with water. Properly sealed woods or laminates may tolerate an occasional damp wipe, but heavy mopping with water is not advised for these floors.

How to Clean Floor Smoothly and How Often

As a general rule, floors in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, entryways, and hallways, should be swept or vacuumed every one to thee days and mopped once a week. While a good mopping is essential for keeping floors clean, regular sweeping or vacuuming is critical for maintaining the finish and life of the flooring. This is because it removes dirt and grit that can damage the floor as it’s walked on. When it comes to mopping, the best time to clean is when the floor looks like it needs it.

What You Need


  • Vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan
  • Sponge
  • Household cleaner (optional)
  • Mop
  • Mop buckets (2)
  • Mopping detergent
  • Rag or paper towels (as needed)

Most people imagine they already know how to mop a floor, but a key mistake often made is to neglect to use a second bucket for rinse water. It is very common to use only a bucket of wash water and to rinse the mop in the same water used to wash the floor. The better method is to use two buckets—one for a solution of water and detergent, and another with clean rinse water. You can also use one bucket for wash water and fill a sink basin with fresh water to rinse.

  1. Choose a Mop and Buckets

    Choose a mop based on your floor type. If you have a floor with a lot of texture, such as some ceramic tile floors, you’ll want the more classic string mop or a strip mop. If you have a smooth floor, a sponge mop will work well. Mop buckets with built-in wringers work well if you are using a string or strip mop, but any bucket with a handle will work fine if you are using a sponge mop.

  2. Select a cleaning detergent that is designed for your flooring type. Avoid products advertised using phrases such as “mop and shine,” as these can lead to a buildup that yellows over time.

  3. Sweep or Vacuum First

    Prevent your floor from becoming a sticky, muddy mess by sweeping or vacuuming the floor thoroughly before ever touching the mop to the floor. This is also a good time to pre-wash sticky or gunky spots that you notice when sweeping or vacuuming. Do this with a sponge and soapy water or your favorite household cleaning solution (just make sure it’s safe for your flooring).

  4. Fill the Buckets

    Fill each bucket with hot water, which cleans better and quicker than cold or warm water. Add the mopping detergent to the wash bucket. Avoid the temptation to double up on the amount of detergent in an effort to boost cleaning power (or speed). This is not a good idea, as extra-concentrated wash water will not clean any better, and it will just be harder to rinse. Always follow the instructions on the detergent label.

  5. Dip and Wring the Mop

    Dip your mop in the bucket and wring it out with a wringer or by hand. The mop should be damp, not sopping wet. Too much water dripping from the mop can damage a floor and dramatically extends the drying time.

  6. Begin Mopping

    Begin mopping the floor, working from one end to the other, and moving backward so you are always standing on an unmopped area to prevent tracking. Mop in straight lines if you are using a sponge mop. For rag mops, mop in a figure-8 motion to use the design of your mop most effectively.

  7. Stop for Stubborn Spots

    When you encounter tough or sticky spots, rub back and forth rapidly over the spot, applying downward pressure to remove the grime. For hard-to-reach corners and edges, you may need to squat down and scrub the floor with a sponge or paper towels.

  8. Rinse the Mopped Area

    After scrubbing each small area of the floor, rinse your mop thoroughly in the rinse bucket. Dunk the mop up and down a few times, then wring out to remove as much dirty water from the mop head as possible.

  9. Continue Mopping

    Repeat the mopping and rinsing process for each section until you’ve completed the floor. As you work, keep an eye on both the wash water and rinse water. When they become visibly gray or dingy, empty and refill the buckets. Using dirty wash water or rinse water only spreads dirty water over the floor and complicates the rinsing process.

  10. Do a Final Rinse

    At this point, your floor should now be quite clean, with little or no detergent residue left. But for an extra cleaning step, you can mop over the entire floor a final time using nothing but fresh hot rinse water. If your rinse water gets at all dirty or sudsy, you will know the final rinse has been necessary.

  11. Let Everything Dry

Thoroughly rinse out your mop and mop bucket and allow them to dry completely before storing them away. Let your floor dry completely before walking on it.

Living room cleaning

How to clean a living room in few minutes

How to Deep Clean a Dirty Living Room

While we might work admirably of keeping up our lounges, at times we have to accomplish more than upkeep. Set aside the opportunity to survey what goes into a living room serious cleanup.

Steps for Living Room Cleaning Like Professional Company

  1. Start with a 15-minute lounge room cleanup. This will get out the messiness and give you space to do the real exceptional cleaning in your lounge room. Try not to stress over cleaning the floors in the 15 minute tidy up. We will do this later.
  2. Residue down the living room roof and corners of dividers in. Decide whether the dividers should be washed in grimy spots. Spot wash, recalling air vents, doorknobs, entryways, and switch plates.
  3. Residue and clean all workmanship and photos along the dividers in the front room. Be cautious when cleaning surrounded craftsmanship and photos. Never shower cleaner or water onto the casing. The fluid can leak behind the glass and harm the photos. Rather softly wet a perfect material to wipe the casing and glass.
  4. Residue and clean the roof fan in the family room. There is nothing more humiliating than turning on a roof fan and having substantial pieces of residue tumble down on your visitor’s head. Utilize this lounge room cleaning time to tidy down the fan and fan sharp edges. You may need to utilize a delicate cleaner like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Bring down any light apparatuses and delicately wash and dry them before supplanting.
  5. Bring down draperies, window ornaments, and blinds to wash or have cleaned by the maker’s headings. Vacuum and clean windowsills and corners. Wash the internal parts and exterior of the windows. Bring down and wash off the screens of the family room windows, before supplanting.
  6. Residue and wipe out the love seats and seats. Utilize a vacuum cleaner with a connection to get out love seat fissure. Check to ensure none of your missing things have discovered their way into the pit of the lounge chair.
  7. Clean slipcovers, complement cushions, and so on in the lounge room. Utilize an upholstery connection on a floor covering cleanser machine to clean grimy love seats and seat surfaces if necessary. In the event that a light cleaning is required use upholstery spot cleaner. Test in a concealed region first.
  8. Residue down and clean all highlight lights and knickknacks in the front room. Utilize a vacuum connection or duster to clean the lampshades, lights, and any additional enriching things.
  9. Expel books from bookshelves. Residue down the books and the racks. On the off chance that your gathering of books is flooding, it may be a great opportunity to give, waste, or move. An excessive number of books overloading racks can give a front room the presence of being jumbled.
  10. Residue down highlight tables and your parlor’s stimulation focus. Unplug and residue down all the gadgets. Check ropes for fraying and wear. Residue down the TV screen.
  11. Clean the floor coverings and carpets. On the off chance that your rugs and floor coverings are vigorously filthy it might be a great opportunity to call an expert. You can likewise lease cleaning machines to utilize. Make certain to request one with an upholstery connection. In the event that your floor coverings are just gently ruined vacuuming and spot treating might be all that is important.
  12. Set aside the opportunity to clean the doormats inside and outside your entryways. Wipe them down. Residue them off. Whatever necessities to occur with the goal that shoes don’t exchange the earth of your tangle to your home. Twofold watch that your mats are still in great condition to ensure your floor coverings.

Cleaning Tips

  • Accumulate the majority of your provisions together first thing. Attempting to deal with the storeroom bureau for your residue materials may make you baffled enough to clean up the bureau. It’s anything but difficult to overlook what your underlying objective was.
  • Accomplice up with a companion or relative. After you complete strongly cleaning your lounge room, enable them to do theirs.
  • Tune in to music, a book recording, or an outside dialect tape. The time will pass much more rapidly on the off chance that you have an agreeable climate.
  • This is an incredible time to lay hold of the stereo for what you need to tune in to. In the event that anybody objects, offer to give them a chance to have a turn with the stereo and the cleaning.

What You Need

  • Dust mop (preferably with a long handle)
  • Step-ladder
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Small bucket with handle
  • Sponges
  • Vacuum with attachment
  • Gentle cleanser
  • Rug shampoo machine with upholstery attachment (optional)
  • Spot remover for upholstery or carpets (optional)

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