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Cleaning Services in Dubai #1 Cleaning Services

Our Best Maid Cleaning Services in Dubai

Home Cleaning Service

professional office cleaning service in dubai

Professional Office Cleaning Services

deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning Service


  •  Your Hygienic Living style will be improved
  •  Professionals and experience maids clean your Home.
  •  Comprehensive and quality Maid service in Dubai
  •  100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Flexible scheduling
  •  Best quality & eco-friendly equipment
  •  Timely completion
  •  Efficient and Reasonable
  •  Quality services at a competitive cost

Looking for Cleaning Services in Dubai

If you’re in the quest of searching for cleaning services in Dubai, you’re in the right place. In the modern world, people are busier than before. Although there’s a lot of technological improvement, we’re still bound to do basic things that require our attention. Things like cleaning your house, washing clothes, taking care of the dishes, and more.

For this, you can hire professional house cleaning services. There are better ways to spend your quality time. So we made it easy for you by providing the best cleaning services in Dubai. “CLEANMAID” has a team of professional cleaners and maids in Dubai and other Gulf cities to provide exceptional services in all fields. We have qualified staff in all categories of cleaning. Whether you’re looking for someone for your office, house, or apartment, our professionals will take care of your house cleaning in no time.

Cleaning Services Dubai per hour

We are the only service providing in Dubai that deals with custom packages for your convenience. Like alternate companies, we don’t deal in only monthly packages. Sometimes a customer only requires services for a short amount of time. With [Company Name], you can hire cleaning services in Dubai per hour. Additionally, weekly and monthly packages are also available at affordable rates. Just make one phone call, and our professionals will be available at your doorstep.

vila cleaning services

Vila Cleaning Service Dubai

housekeeping service in Dubai

Housekeeping services in Dubai

Curtain Cleaning in Dubai

Curtains Cleaning Services in Dubai

Best Cleaning Services Dubai

We are the only cleaning services in Dubai that have expertise in both in-door and out-door activities. We use unique traits to accomplish our tasks and get the job done in no time. An Already clean house is quite easy for anyone to maintain. A professional would pay extra attention to the places that require care.

Generally, people choose cleaning services because they lack time. It is the type of interaction that you have to perform daily rather than on a weekly or monthly basis. The reason behind this is that you can easily appoint someone to clean your home, which saves you a lot of time. Consistent home cleaning ensures that your home remains well-maintained and organized for years. Because of the usage of anti-bacterial products, you also ensure the physical health of your household. The use of environment-friendly products further booth the feel and look of the house.

We Provide Cleaning Services with Latest Equipment

At “CLEANMAID” we use top of the line equipment for cleaning. Whether its just a carpet blower or liquid chemicals, we specify in those products that ensure 100% quality. The latest technology always comes with features that are not available on the previous model. We invest in broad cleaning services equipment every 2 years so that you will get the best services without any hesitation.

deep Cleaning Service

Reliable Cleaning Service

Now you don’t have to worry about your belongings with us. We have qualified stalls that provide reliable services in no time. We first train our staff with specialized classes and then provide them with real-time assessment. Once they pass the quota, we perform a background check for safety.

All the cleaning will be done in real-time and not a single piece of equipment will be replaced from one place to another. In fact, our client’s testimonials showcase how reliable the services we provide. Your house safety is our utmost priority.

Hotel Cleaning in Dubai

Why Should You Hire A Cleaning Maid Service in Dubai?

Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, is moving at a fast pace. As the city’s moving forward, so does the repercussion of personal life as well. To catch up with life, you need some sort of support to manage your daily activities. For this, a cleaning maid service in Dubai provides you assistance on your every household matter. They are specialized in providing day to day services that not all of us get a hold onto. It saves time for washing and cooking, they are familiar with what thing goes in what way. And they are safe for your child or elderly people at home. You can appoint them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, thereby providing a more relaxing time for you.

Dubai Maid Services

Whatever services you have in mind, whatever time you want and under any condition, we are here to always help you. All you have to do is contact us, share your requirement, and together we will flourish on the right path.

There’s a famous saying that “Cleaning is next to Godliness“. The important thing to remember here is that cleaning is important for your physical hygiene health. It protects your family from an unwanted situation. More importantly, it pursues you to focus on other things, without worrying about your household cleaning.

Our Maids services:

Office Cleaning

We provide maid cleaning services for your office space. It is a public place, hence require day to day cleaning. Additionally, they become a part of your office and manage everything that goes off the chart.


Imagine a scenario in which a customer walks onto your front door and there’s mud on the floor. They will surely go to the other place. Maid services for your shop are compulsory even if you have custom dealing. It makes sure that your space is always neat and clean, which in turn attracts more customers.


A clinic is the most hygienic place in a patient’s mind. It should be free of any bacteria, germ, and should be disinfected weekly. We deal with specialized cleaning services for your clinic and use the bacteria-free liquid.

Importance of Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Thinking of moving out of Dubai? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re moving in or moving out in any place, your furniture and clothes are not the only things that you should take care of. If you’re moving into a new place, we recommend a deep cleaning for every corner of your house. It is mainly because when you place your heavy furniture in the area, it will not be moved for a long time. And in case you’re moving out, it is always better to leave a clean place for the next person to arrive. General work include:

  • Deep house cleaning
  • Windows and doors cleaning
  • Appliances cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning

Our Service Areas in Dubai


We clean your home from top to bottom and nothing is overlooked. We pride ourselves in offering consistently high standards of professional home cleaning services in Dubai.

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